Menlo Creek Apartment Homes

Hayes | James was responsible for producing a boundary and as-built survey for the Menlo Creek Apartment Homes located on Satellite Boulevard in Gwinnett County.

The survey plat was produced to ALTA standards and included deed research, title report review, complete boundary survey, complete as-built survey of all buildings and improvements, and legal description of the property.


Great Sky

Hayes | James was responsible for the design of the parkways and all associated local roads for this 894-acre master planned community. Hayes | James also coordinated all lot layouts and grading for the pods and the amenities facility. Great Sky has over three miles of wooded parkways that give access to all areas of the development. There are miles of walking trails throughout the community.

Water quality ponds were created throughout the development to allow for treatment of post-development runoff, since most of Great Sky flows into the City of Canton reservoir. A conventional sanitary sewer could not be used because of the mountainous terrain, so Hayes | James' solution was a low-pressure sewer system designed to convey the sewage to Great Sky’s outfall. In addition to the civil design, Hayes | James also provided construction staking for the entire project and currently maintains an as-built conditions file.

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