Company History

Clarence Higginbotham, PE, PLS and E.E.J. (Eugene Edwin Jesse) James, PLS form a land surveying company: Higginbotham and James Mapping Corporation. Higginbotham is the County Agent at this time and earns his surveyor’s license. James, having been a pilot in WWII, has knowledge of navigation and is trained by Higginbotham to become a surveyor.

Higginbotham and James is the second survey and engineering company to be incorporated in Gwinnett County. The company consists of two employees and one helper, and the office is located in Higginbotham’s house in Lawrenceville.

Higginbotham and James Mapping Corporation continues to grow, having 20 to 22 employees. Higginbotham leaves the firm to become Gwinnett County’s first County Engineer.

The firm is incorporated as Hayes, James & Associates, Inc. Billy Cheek becomes Survey Department Manager until 2006

E.E.J. James retires. The company moves to West Pike Street in Lawrenceville, and Grant Hayes, PLS becomes President, serving until 2005. LeRoy James, PLS and Thomas James, PE, sons of E. E. J. James, both grew up in the firm. Thomas James served as a Vice President of the firm until his death in 2003.

The growing company moves to larger quarters on Breckinridge Boulevard in Duluth.

To better serve the needs of our clients in rural north Georgia, Hayes, James & Associates, Inc. opens a second branch office in Blue Ridge.

Once again outgrowing its office space, Hayes, James & Associates, Inc. moves its headquarters to a new building on Shackleford Road in Norcross. Grant Hayes retires, and James H. Maughon, PE becomes President, serving until 2008.

Hayes, James & Associates, Inc. takes on a new brand identity and company logo. Hayes | James launches a new web site.

James Maughon retires as President and LeRoy James retires as Executive Vice President.

Mark Bond becomes President of Hayes | James and Tony Muse becomes Executive Vice President.

Some of the Owners start to prepare for retirement by selling portions of stock. Jim Aton sells his ownership and remains as the municipal department head.

Michael Bentley, Tony Muse and Michael Taylor sell their remaining interest in the company but remain in their current positions at the firm.

The headquarters of Hayes, James & Associates, Inc. relocates to Duluth, Georgia.

Hayes|James currently has three owners, all having 25 plus years of experience at the firm:
Mark Bond, PE
Reid Dyer, RLA
Christie Sims, RLA